an evening at the fair

Hi everyone, Today, I’m just sharing some photos I took couple days ago at the fair. I went there with my two friends Mathilde and Agathe. I hope that you guys will enjoy them. I’m going to Portland in two weeks and a half, and I’ll probably post a lot of photos on instagram and […]

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Hi everyone, Today I’ve decided to write an article just to show you guys some photos I’ve taken these past few days. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, I know it has been really hard for a lot of people because of the US presidential elections. When I woke up on wednesday and […]

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Into the woods

Hello everyone, I’m finally out of school for two weeks, I’m so relieved: I CAN FINALLY REST!!! I’ll also try to post more on my blog since I have more free time now. These past few days have been really sad and stressful for me; one of my bestfriends from middle school died last weekend […]

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Hi everyone, I really want to share with you guys some photos I took!! This weekend, I went to a little beach town in the northwest of France called St Malo with my really good friend, Eva. She drove us there on friday evening, after school, it was a 2 hours and half drive from […]

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Hello everybody, This is my second post, it means I’m officialy starting my blog! It’s so exciting! For my first post I wanted to show you guys some photos I took yesterday of one of my bestfriend called Laura. So I created the new category “faces” in which I’ll post a lot, and it’ll just […]

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