B&W Photography can make a difference

Hello everyone,

I was thinking of writing on my blog, this entire week. But I had so much homework to do, that I didn’t have time to post in it. I wanted to share with you guys some photos I took and edited.

My photographies are most of the time in colours and I wanted to start creating black and white photos. I did it couple weeks ago, and I felt like the black and white photos were really intense, and the emotions of the photos were really different than when they were in colours. Maybe more powerful. But anyway, yesterday, I looked  at them and I wanted to create something more creative and I remembered, I had an idea a long time ago that was about combining photos together and, I guess I was too lazy to do it… But I’ve finally done it, and I’m pretty happy of the result. It’s actually pretty hard to combine two photos, because the background has to match with the actual photo so, you need to find the two perfect photos!! Just so you know I’m editing my photos on photoshop and I’m watching tutorials on you tube ALL THE TIME to create what I want with my photos because photoshop is REALLY HARD to use.

I know I’m not the first one to have combined photos together like this, but I think I’ve done it in my way. There are some details on the photos that bothers me, these are my first ones and I know they are not perfect but I really wanted to share it on my blog and I thought that you guys could give me feedbacks about it.

Hope you’ll enjoy these photos.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Léo


(the models are my friends)

5 thoughts on “B&W Photography can make a difference

  1. Hey,
    These are greats ! It even better than combined photos of professionals photographers ! So congratulations,
    your hard work had
    pay !


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