Welcome to my happy blog


Hello everyone,

My name is Leopold, I am 18 years old. I am currently based in France, in a city called Angers. It has been such a long time I’ve wanted to do a blog, but I was too lazy I guess… but here I am!! I’m really excited about it.

In this article, I am just going to say some words about me, do a quick presentation of myself, and tell you some little anecdotes of my life.

I am a really positive, possessive and curious person. I love my life so much, even if it’s hard sometimes. I smile most of the time, even when I’m not supposed to. I don’t like drama, and judgementale people. I love clothes, travels and new adventures, any kind of food without meat, to take photos and to post them on my Instagram. I can be really temperamental : when I want something, I really want it and I’ll do everything to have it (but especially to get mad on my parents). But I’m a happy person, and it’s all that matters (or not).

This year… I am a senior in high school… pretty lame, but I’m really motivated to work hard because I just want me to be over with it, do what I love, and leave to study somewhere else. I look forward to study in Canada, at first, I wanted to go to a university in the United States but it’s way TOO expensive. And Canada looks super cool too!! . My goal is to get accepted to a school of fashion, and to do a photography program.

Last year, I spent a year in the United States in Portland (Oregon) as an exchange student, and I should have started my blog when I was there but like I said, I’m pretty lazy. I was in a school called Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, it was probably the best experience of my life. All my life, I’ve always liked to take photos, but being in an art school and the fact that I was taking a photo class, increased my passion for the photography. I also met my boyfriend there, it has been 8 months we are together, and we love eachother so much that we decided to do a long distance relationship. It’s not always easy, but love is strong. He was in France this summer but he left around the end of august, we were supposed to see eachother again in April, it means eight months to wait… EIGHT MONTHS… And two weeks after he left, I told myself that it’s too long to wait, then I talked to my parents. After long discussions…  we ended up buying the tickets to Portland for December!!! And now, I feel way better…

Okay, I’m done talking about myself. In this blog, you’ll see some of my photographies, some of my trips, some randoms photos of my life (food, outfit, school lol etc…) and things I do. You’ll also read some of my stories because some cool, weird or sad stuffs are happening to me sometimes. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and my blog in general.

Last thing; I had the idea to write a book instead of a blog at some point. But I don’t think I’m capable of writing a book, or maybe I’m just too lazy…





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