an evening at the fair

Hi everyone, Today, I’m just sharing some photos I took couple days ago at the fair. I went there with my two friends Mathilde and Agathe. I hope that you guys will enjoy them. I’m going to Portland in two weeks and a half, and I’ll probably post a lot of photos on instagram and […]

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Hi everyone, Today I’ve decided to write an article just to show you guys some photos I’ve taken these past few days. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, I know it has been really hard for a lot of people because of the US presidential elections. When I woke up on wednesday and […]

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Into the woods

Hello everyone, I’m finally out of school for two weeks, I’m so relieved: I CAN FINALLY REST!!! I’ll also try to post more on my blog since I have more free time now. These past few days have been really sad and stressful for me; one of my bestfriends from middle school died last weekend […]

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Hi everyone, I really want to share with you guys some photos I took!! This weekend, I went to a little beach town in the northwest of France called St Malo with my really good friend, Eva. She drove us there on friday evening, after school, it was a 2 hours and half drive from […]

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Big Sister’s birthday

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day! Today I’m writing a new post called “Big Sister’s birthday”! As you guessed, today is the birthday of my sister and she is 24 years old!!! We celebrated it with my family this weekend, since we were all together. The times when I’m with my […]

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